Chiropractic Care and Diabetic Neuropathy

I have been a diabetic for nearly 20 years. I was doing really well until this last year when neuropathy started to set in. I didn’t understand this because my blood sugars have been under control for the most part. It scared me enough to take some action though. The first thing I did was go online to see what the best course of action would be for this. I was surprised to see that chiropractic care is actually recommended. Because of that, I went online to find a Redding chiropractor, which I was able to do in a very short period of time.

I knew that I wanted to go to one that had experience with diabetic neuropathy. I know that a lot of people can have neuropathy without it being related to diabetes, but I was one of the unlucky ones who had both diabetes as well as neuropathy. I wanted to go to a doctor who was able to look at both of those and treat me for both. My neuropathy is definitely from my diabetes, but it is not the only diabetic complication I wanted to be treated for.

I was happy to see that the one I picked had knowledge and experience of working with people like me, and I made an appointment there. It is very important to me that I take care of myself now because I don’t want to let anything in my body fester unchecked. I had been taking good care of myself, and this still happened. I wanted to be treated while this complication was still in its early stage. I was able to read about their treatment options for diabetic neuropathy, and I am happy to say that I can already feel improvement in both my fingers as well as my toes.