Great Chiropractor Offices in Campbell Area

Yesterday, my wife slipped and fell when she was getting out of the shower, and she is very lucky that she did not break her arm or something, or even her neck for that matter. Instead, she landed flat on her back with quite a bit of force, and it has gotten her all types of sore and stiff. So I want to find a great chiropractor in Campbell that she can go see and hopefully the visit will be just what she needs to start feeling better from the accident.

Right now, she is in so much pain that she has not gotten out of the bed all day, except to use the bathroom, and even then she held it for as long as she could before mustering the strength to get out of bed. Apparently, any sort of movement causes her a lot of pain, and it is not like she feels fine while laying still, but it is just the best option that she has as all of the alternatives are much more painful. I feel bad for her, but I am relieved that it wasn’t anything more serious. My grandmother once slipped on the floor coming out of the shower, and she did end up with some broken bones.

Well, it was more complicated than a broken bone, as one of the bones her forearm dislocated and then popped out the side of her wrist. It was really gross looking, and it took a couple surgeries to fix it. So yeah, it could have been worse, and for that matter, my wife is still lucky she didn’t break any bones. After she fell, we took her to ER as a precaution, and they took some X-Rays of her back, and luckily they all cam eback negative.