Great Medicines for Breast Enhancement

My wife has rather small breasts, I would say she is solidly below average in that department, which is pretty unfortunate. But of course, I have never told her that I wished that she had larger breasts. I do not think that would go over very well, and I am probably quite correct in thinking that. However, I am trying to find info about the top breast enhancement medicines that are currently on the market, as I currently have a plan and I think I am going to go through with it, even though it would be an absolute disaster for me if I were to be found out on this plan.

I do want my wife to have larger breasts, because I have always been very attracted to breasts. But my wife has a lot of other things going for her, and so that is why I did not even hesitate to marry her. But I was hoping that her breasts would get larger at some point along the way, and they did get larger for a period of time after she gave birth to our first and only child. However, it did not take more than a couple of months for them to go reduce in size roughly to the same size that they were before she got pregnant. That was pretty disappointing for me, as you might imagine.

Anyway, my plan is not something that I am very proud of, but I think it will work. I want to buy the best medicine that there is out there for improving the size of your breasts, and I want to try to give it to my wife without her knowing that she is taking it. I know it won’t be easy, and it feels really shady to think about doing this, but I am going to go through with it.