I Just Started My New Job

I have just started my new job as a medical office administration specialist. It took me two years of school to get trained, or actually a couple of months less than that. It took me a couple of months to find the sort of job I was trained for, of course I kept waiting tables at night until I found this job. I am working at a Las Vegas skin and cancer where they do laser treatments. Obviously I do not really have to know that much about what goes on in the back to be honest, but they have pretty much taught me what I do need to know. There are going to be people walk in with questions that they expect you to answer, even though these are the sorts of questions you need to ask the doctor or one of the nurses. In fact they are in the back working and I am out in front near the receptionist, who is often too busy for that sort of thing.

In fact this is really boring work in a way, because you are going to have to do the same stuff over and over. I really do not mind that too much, because you stay busy. I always thought that was the best thing when you are doing a job. I could not stand it if I had a job where I sat around and waited for something to do. As long as you stay busy the day seems to fly past and that is how it is with this job. There is a huge backlog of work from where they did not fill this position for a month and it does not look as though I would be able to catch up without working a lot of extra hours.