Lifelong Sexual Health for Satisfying Relations in the over 50 Crowd

The kids are grown and out of the house and finally, you and your spouse have the time, and the privacy, to enjoy that active sex life you had back before kids and the pressures of work and life took their toll.

Maintaining good sexual health in relations is an often-neglected part of later adulthood. Just when you have the house and spouse to yourself, you find that you lack the energy, drive, desire or ability to engage in sex. This can be an embarrassing topic to broach with your spouse or lover, but absolutely necessary to maintain trust and prevent feelings of neglect and inadequacy.

Engage your partner in conversation about the topic of sexual health in relations and express your concerns. Sometimes a little humor can go a long way toward easing into a conversation, i.e., “My giddy up and go seems to have got up and left.” Conversely, assuring your partner that you won’t be hurt if they express a lack of desire has to come with the self-assurance that you understand that loss of desire is not about you personally and you won’t be hurt or jealous if your partner were to express that issue.

So you have had the talk and you both expressed concerns regarding your sexual health in relations as a couple, now what?

Just as you see your doctor for a nagging cold or flu, you should see your doctor regarding any concern you may have regarding your sexual function. Often, stress, poor nutrition and lack of sleep are huge contributing factors to a diminished sex life and even for basic desire, but when an issue cannot simply be resolved with a change in diet and a few more hours of rest, your family physician can rule out more serious problems or recommend a therapist to see individually or as a couple. Health care professionals are there to help you, whether you need counselling, hormonal therapy or a prescription for any of the multitude of impotence medications, they are there to help you put that spring in your step and enjoy a healthy and fulfilling sex life well into your senior years.