Recovering from a Torn Back Muscle Involved Chiropractic Therapy Too

I have been strong all my life. The guys at work pick me to do the heavy lifting. At least when it gets too heavy for them to lift. When I was a teenager I remember some friends trying to get a piano into a house. They were stuck on the concrete porch steps. I walked up and lifted the one side by myself. There were four of them on the other side. Well, recently I found myself looking online for Vancouver chiropractors after lifting a very heavy object at work. I thought it was lighter than it was, and I tried to jerk it up off the ground. I felt something tear in my back.

An MRI revealed a torn muscle. It looked awful on the outside. Even after all the blood was resorbed and the yellow was all gone, I still had a backache. The chiropractor I went to helped me get my spine back into proper alignment. I had been favoring that side for months as my back healed. Now my compensation for the injury was putting pressure on the nerves in my back. I needed to get things aligned and get my muscles toned again. I was still strong, but I lost a lot of muscle in the months it took my back to heal from the torn muscle.

Massage, heat therapy and electrical muscle stimulation helped me a lot. Over time I was able to stretch and then do weight training. I finally got back to the point where my back did not hurt, and I could also lift the same amount of weight without undue strain on my back. I will be more careful now in choosing what to lift, and I will enlist some more help instead of trying to just do it myself. I do not want another injury like that ever again.