Some Jerk Ran Me off the Road

It was really scary in fact. I heard the sirens coming from behind me and I was just getting over on the shoulder when this guy crashed into me and knocked me off of the road. In fact I was certain that I was going to end up on the roof of my car, but I ended up crashed into a tree pretty hard. When I regained my senses there were cops with guns drawn all over the place, the guy who’d hit me had bailed out. At any rate I had to see a chiropractor in Santa Rosa eventually. They called an ambulance and made me take it to the hospital, I argued with them, but in fact I probably had a concussion. The next day I had all of the symptoms, a really terrible headache and a sensitivity to light. I had to get some really dark glasses.

I had this big bump on my forehead and my nose got broken by the airbag. I was probably sitting too close to that thing and really knocked the devil out of me. I had all sorts of cuts and bruises along with a limp, but all of that got better rather quickly. My back got all out of sorts though and there just was not much that they could do about it in the hospital. They did tell me who to go see about the back problems. That was really nice, as I would not have had any clue how to pick a chiropractor myself. The only thing I know is that you definitely want to find a guy who is not going to make the sort of mistake that you do not get up and walk away from. When you think about how this stuff works you can easily see the potential for disaster if a mistake is made.